Are you a dreamer? Do you get lost in thoughts of starting things from the ground up, doing what you love for a living?

I feel ya. Not a day goes by that I’m not thinking about some project that I want to get off of the ground. That’s how I started podcasting. It started with that joking/not-joking statement that you just put out there to test the waters. “We should start a podcast.” My friend! What a potential-packed seed is that statement.

Welcome to The Podcast Camp. I’m Jason Villanueva, a media consultant in Wichita, Kansas. The Podcast Camp is my personal project geared toward helping other people light the fire under their podcast idea. I can help you go from zero to hero, meaning that we’ll start from scratch and build your show every step along the way. You’ll be telling people around you very soon, “I started a Podcast.”

Send us an email, shoot us a message, let us know what you need to get your show on the road! I look forward to our journey together. Take our survey and help us know how to best create our content to help you!

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